Saturday, 15 March 2008

2 Nice Sites

These 2 sites have been keeping me entertained whilst I redo a website/procrastinate at the moment.

The first is Trains Are...Mint, which I was alerted to by the Radcliffe and Maconie show on Radio 2 as the guy that makes it has also done the artwork for the new Elbow album. They're basically books about him wandering up and down railway lines and drawing whats around him - Roald Dahl would be spinning in his grave if he saw them (in the 80's he made a leaflet about not playing on railways which was illlustrated Quentin Blake and probably had the effect of making it seem more exciting than it really was).

The second website I found via Trains are...Mint is The Banal Pig. I've been sniggering away at these cartoons most of yesterday. Both are worth trailing all the way back through the blogs.

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